Bean Counter Coffee Roasters

... because life is too short to drink sub-par coffee

That's how this all started.

Home, office, breakfast cafe, gas station, coffee shop. It's doesn't matter where you are, bad coffee is all around us!

I found myself always looking for fresh roasted coffee, this was especially fun while on vacation and traveling. Some people pour over travel books looking the best places to stop in a city or country, I would just search online for the best local coffee shops and roasteries.

Then I would come back home (Modesto, CA), go to my office (accounting, of course) and wonder how I could fix this sub-par coffee issue. 

- Ian / Bean Counter


  • Launched on April 15th, 2015, Bean Counter Coffee Roasters is a small batch coffee roaster based in Modesto, California.
  • Coffee roasted by Ian Grimbleby. Ian is a CPA (certified public accountant) at Grimbleby Coleman CPAs (
  • We roast to order (currently once a week), and only a limited amount of inventory (roasted coffee) is posted on the website for sale. If you have a question or a special order or request, please send us an e-mail (
  • This is not your average coffee. We only buy high quality, 'specialty grade' green coffee to roast. By high quality, we mean it has to pass a minimum quality score of 80 points (see the Specialty Coffee Association of America for more details if you are interested:
  • Coffee is currently available for pick-up in downtown Modesto or local delivery (delivery fee applies). Merchandise available for shipping within the United States of America.