Kenya - Light Roast

$ 17.00

Region: Kenya

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1800 meters

Light and bright coffee, very traditional characteristics of an African coffee. Floral (think of a black tea), sweet and grapefruit, perfect served hot or as iced coffee.

A note about light roasted coffee: All coffees are not created equal. Many people don't know this because they have never had anything other than over-roasted mass market coffee... and because of this when you try something like a light roasted coffee it's a shock.Think about trying a medium-rare steak when all you know or have ever had is well-done steak. You might not like it (medium-rare steak / light roast coffee) at first because it is so different, but then you are angry because no one has ever shared this with you before!

Confused / scared / intrigued? Send me a note asking for a sample and see what you think. 

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